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 The Dark Knight (2008)

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When the menace known as the Joker wreaks havoc and chaos on the people of Gotham, the caped crusader must come to terms with one of the greatest psychological tests of his ability to fight injustice.
 Rating: 9.0/10
Category: Action, Crime, Drama
Release Date: 18 July 2008 (USA)
Run Time: 152 min
Christopher Nolan
Jonathan Nolan (screenplay), Christopher Nolan (screenplay),
Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart |

Plot Summary

Batman raises the stakes in his war on crime. With the help of Lieutenant Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent Batman puts his plans for the remaining criminal organizations that dismantled in Gotham. Partnership proves to be effective, but soon find themselves prey to a reign of chaos known by a rising criminal mastermind terrified citizens of Gotham as The Joker breaks out.
- Written by Peteagassi

Within a year, set after the events of Batman Begins Batman, Lieutenant James Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent to start a new successful completion criminals plaguing Gotham City until a mysterious and sadistic criminal mastermind known only as the Joker appears in Gotham, creating a new wave of excitement. Batman fights Joker is very personal, forcing him "to address what he believes," and to improve his technology to stop him. Develops a love triangle between Bruce Wayne, Dent and Rachel Dawes.
- Written by Leon Lombardi

Monitoring of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan and star Christian Bale combined, the role of Batman / Bruce Wayne in his continuing war crime takes. With the help of Lieutenant Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman sets out to destroy organized crime in Gotham definitively. The triumvirate tested. But soon the three victims in a criminal mind is booming as a wildcard, the Gotham into anarchy and forces Batman pushes more about the fine line between hero and vigilante known.
- Written by admin


Gotham newly elected prosecutor. His name is Harvey Dent, and he has a new radical agenda to end with organized crime in Gotham underworld threat once and for all with an iron fist. But the emergence of vigilante known as Batman villain has caused problems for Dent and his agenda. A new criminal mastermind known only as "The Joker" came and aims to eliminate low iron hand Harvey Dent Gotham. The Joker was involved in an assault on a brilliantly planned bank and stole the Gotham mob blindly. He used this money for a series of horrible and strategic attack against the city and its "Stage people - in each direction carefully planned and thought now Dent and Batman, during which the remaining part of the city to be Batman panic mode too. The Joker was found Chinese banker shadows thanks to the treatment of Wayne Enterprises, and leads Batman and Alfred in Hong Kong. The Joker has no rules, but there is only one Batman, and aims to break a rule Joker Batman. But, Who will be held - Is vigilante Batman Rogue or elected official is Harvey Dent, the new hero of a face?
- Written by halo1k

A year after the events of Batman Begins Batman, Gordon and Harvey Dent's new prosecutor is planning an assault on the arrest of Mafia shadow Mafia accountant, Lau began. Lau was kidnapped by his building Batman and imprisoned. Lau reveals the secrets that led thrown most of mob boss in prison. The heads of the Mafia desperate resort Joker, a sadistic psychopath with green hair, yellow teeth and a completely personalized purple suit. The Joker puts a judge, the police commissioner and tried to kill the mayor and Harvey. Joker makes acts of anarchy and chaos of the size of the human forces Batman Gotham reach an agreement, which also featured his biggest test to fight against injustice and came clser for the thin line between hero and vigilante.
- Written by srijanarora-152-448595

In just a year after taking Ras Al Ghul and Gotham plan passed since the mysterious disappearance of Dr. Jonathan Crane AKA Scarecrow, and then the city was virtually in their toxins, Bruce Wayne and his alter ego Batman guard sacked continued seemingly endless effort to bring Gotham, with the help of Lt. James Gordon and newly appointed District Attorney Harvey Dent. But now a new threat has emerged in the streets. The Dark Knight faces a rising psychopathic criminal called The Joker, whose mysterious smile, laugh and inhuman moral that makes them so dangerous that even if you have to disassemble. It is a program to stop Batman, the Joker mysterious at all costs, knowing the two. In an opposite line no way at all and tried to jump into the fire of the world has not yet seen the light. One thing is a sign of hope and used his own shadow, with a peace and order that it be done.
- Written by admin

If the threat as Joker wreaks havoc and excitement to know the people of Gotham, the fighter has to come to an agreement with a major psychological tests of their ability to fight injustice in red cloak.


The film begins with a group of men in clown masks breaking the bank where the mafia hiding much of their money. It begins with five clowns, each getting a cut of the loot. They suggest that the sixth member of the band - nicknamed "The Joker" - which made the planning but not stealing sat deserve a cut. Since the attack begins clowns, each one to get a bigger killing, until a school bus crashed through the wall of the bank, killing another clown court. A mob bank manager, self-shot with an automatic weapon, after he tried with guns, get the clown, tells the remaining clown who does not know who you are dealing. The clown knelt down and said to the bankers, "What does not kill you simply makes you ... stranger ..." then removes his mask to reveal that he himself is the wild symbol. Joker is a Granada in the mouth and boards the bus banker, so a string attached to the pin. The bus picks up all the money and the bank pops out the pin. It's just a gas grenade. The Joker joins a long line of school buses leaving the scene as the police arrive.

Gotham is then expected to undertake terror under the watchful Batsignal sign above the clouds view at night with criminal crime. Lieutenant James Gordon we Batsignal Manning, Batman waiting Det. Anna Ramirez, who asks him if he came. Gordon says it's okay if you do not, there is hope that he is engaged in another activity.

Meanwhile, a parking garage, the Scarecrow is negotiating with members of the Russian Mafia over the sale of some of its fear-inducing drugs. The sale is interrupted when some of Gotham's citizens to batmen candidate dressed as they begin firing at the men. When he batmen gases a false mind-altering drugs out of his fist, the Scarecrow notes that they are not the real Batman, because Batman would never be a weapon. Suddenly, the Batmobile / Tumbler crashes through a barricade and Scarecrow says: "This is more like it," The Batmobile fires missile at a nearby office, so the remaining gangsters begin to flee. The real Batman came on stage and it was before the gun of one of the aspiring batmen.

Chechen sends his rottweilers, attack batmen and as Batman saves her after she takes the dog was bitten on the arm. The Scarecrow attempts to flee in a white van, but Batman jumps into the car and start cutting the parts on your device called mangler. Scarecrow soaking in a holder which sends Batman to the ground. As a hidden ingredient in a spiral corridor, Batman jumps onto his truck, breaking over. He finally leaves tied together with police, false batmen and the Scarecrow, with some of the gangsters.

Gordon came to the bank the Joker held earlier Ramirez, who shows him the Joker image of a surveillance camera. Batman meets to examine the scene, noting that they were exposed to drug money to make it easier to follow. When Gordon asks if the Joker is a threat, Batman tells you that if you get someone who worry a whole package base.

The next day, while Bruce Wayne stitches himself from dog bite, Alfred offers his concerns, warning Bruce "know your limits." Bruce realizes keep a watchful eye on District Attorney Harvey Dent newly assigned by some computer screens, as Bruce is trying to decide whether Dent can be trusted. Alfred wonders if actually developed intelligence relationship with Rachel Dawes Harvey Dent.

Harvey Dent arrives in court to join Rachel Dawes mobster Salvatore Maroni in pursuit, the alleged leader of the Falcone crime family. One of the men Maroni takes the case to court, and attempts to shoot Dent from the witness stand. The gun did not go off and suggests Dent before he drag in prison. Maroni finally free, to the dismay of Dent.

Dent meets Lt. Gordon, and after a brief exchange of words, for people working in the offices of other brings both his suspicion, he said. Gordon Harvey asked about their involvement in the Batman and Harvey tells him she wants to meet him. Gordon urges warrants for five banks, which are believed to hold the rest of the money mob. Dent agrees warrant Gordons back and constant Gordon weak trust, which in turn came as Gotham's "White Knight" while Dent questions Gordon on another nickname they had for him when he was in the form Dent DIA, it is disguised as a nickname Gordon or no knowledge.

Lucius Fox held a meeting with Wayne Enterprises board, negotiating a joint venture with Lau, chief investment officer at Lau, based in Hong Kong. After the meeting with Lau, Wayne expresses reservations about the economic Lucius Fox Lau, apparently illegal based on your income. After agreeing to cancel the deal, Wayne asks Fox for a new suit. He explains that he needs more easily, quickly and, if it is running at more than watchdogs.

That night, dinner with Rachel Harvey. Harvey tells Rachel to make a reservation week before, and exercised his influence needed to get a table at the restaurant very stylish yet. Bruce and his date, the prima ballerina of Russian ballet, encounter Rachel and Harvey. Bruce had to pull a table in the same direction, so they can eat together, informing Harvey that owns the restaurant. First, Bruce seems jealous and threatened by Harvey, based on the fact that he explains in his own interest, love, but Harvey Batman how work is supported and appreciated their help. Bruce changes his tune and informs Harvey that he intends to launch a massive fund raising for it.

Meanwhile, all the major members of the Mafia was having a meeting. Due to its internal police resources that they are aware that the banks money sought Stow. Lau is shown in a television monitor from his plane on the way back to Hong Kong. mob which brought all of their money and in a safe place, such as Lt. Gordon and company are searching the banks, nothing but the irradiated trace money reported finding. When the Chechen expresses concern people with clown makeup stealing $ 68 million from one of its banks, Maroni dismisses him as nothing more than a nobody.

Joker enters the room, and after killing a buddy hostile mafia member in a "magic tricks" sit down and talk with the Mafia, how pathetic was converted from Batman reached. He tells them that he is a solution, "Kill the Batman ', and offers, for half of Mafia money to do it. He warns Lau said he knows when he sees a nose, Lau, immediately turn off the Monitor. Mob The laughing, and one of the gangsters, Gambol, rises from his chair and threatens the Joker, Joker opens her robe, revealing grenades. Gambol tells the Joker to put a price on his head . The Joker Peat says if you plan to have a little more seriously, give him a call, and gives them a "card" a joker card. And so it does not happen. However, before warning Batman Lau to come.

Harvey Dent, with Gordon, the Batsignal illuminated with Batman, which seems to fit. As Dent and Gordon blame each other for the loss of money due to leakage of corrupt officials in other departments, explained Batman need Lau back, realizing that Batman under the jurisdiction of either. They want to talk to him, and give all the names of the members of the Mafia. Batman resigned and lost.

Fox shows Wayne his new suit, and Wayne begins planning an impromptu trip to Hong Kong. Fox was to accompany him so that the only reason for his visit to break off negotiations with the company Lau.

Gambol was playing pool with some of its employees to know that a group of thieves havd killed the Joker, and his body. The body gets covered with a bag, and as Gambol pay increases Joker and held a knife to his face, while his people have guns to their heads of staff. The Joker tells a story about how he kills his scar from his father, and Gambol. He offers three surviving employees the chance to join his team, but he has only one opening. He left the three halves of a broken, sharp pool stick and there is no other choice but to fight together their lives.

Meanwhile, Fox is in Hong Kong with Lau found. Found on his cell phone reception in the building Lau, it does not allow cell phones in the area. Fox meets with Lau, and informs him of Wayne Enterprises plans to break off negotiations with his company. However, it was kept a secret mobile phone in his pocket, which is adapted to produce a sonar map of the area. Upon leaving the building, do not you grab the phone was dropped, and produced a map of the building to Bruce Wayne. That night the phone that Fox left the reception sends a radio frequency, which closes all the power in the building. Batman crashes through a window in the office Lau, and then some guards to clear, Lau and escapes spikes attached to a cable by sending a balloon on a chartered plane is flying over the construction Lau.

Back in Gotham Lau is interrogated by Rachel with Dent and Gordon looking. Rachel Lau Holding money was given, but Lau did not budge. He then moved to threaten county jail, Lau says he gives the names of the mobsters and their joint investment. Dent realizes that the leverage they need in a RICO case of conspiracy in all mafia members have joined. Gordon Lau decide to bring your cell in the Major Case Unit building and Lau agrees to cooperate with the police, and enter the names of the members of the Mafia.

Maroni Restaurant Gordon as the police rush to arrest all members of the Mafia. Like all members of the Mafia Lau said police rounded up for arraignment, Judge Janet Surrillo joker card in the middle of the stack of papers of belief. Dent gives an impromptu interview on television Batman deny involvement while expressing his gratitude for the work of the police in the implementation of Mafia members in court.

Dent, Gordon, and Commissioner Loeb meet with the mayor to tell him that rash allegations by members of the Mafia mayor clean streets for 18 months Dent's. The mayor reported that their insolent actions dent the power of the underworld and corrupt Gotham citizens carry him exclusively. When the mayor asks if Dent is ready for aspiring city guides of the body of a Batman hit by a rope through the window of a Batman costume mayor hung with makeup on his face like the Joker - complete on the edge of the mouth sliced ​​a smile - and said with a joker card read him 'Will the real Batman please stand up? ". Bruce and Alfred watch a videotape of the torture news Joker to kill before the aspirant played. He promises that until Batman takes off his mask and show everyone really, every day people his death.

Harvey Dent as a fundraiser in the attic of moving Wayne, Rachel and Dent get nervous and mix. Wayne arrives with three models helicopters and examined Harvey, whom he applauds and throws his full support after saying: "I believe in Harvey Dent." Minutes later Rachel meets with Bruce balcony close to telling him that Dent but Bruce Bruce happy that he truly believes in Harvey and that he, so it is the white knight that will allow you, as Batman hang your coat together . Dent joins them to thank Bruce and retrieve Rachel.

Meanwhile Gordon discovers that there are 3 traces of DNA on the Joker card, from Commissioner Loeb, Harvey Dent and Surrillo Judges, judges, all members of the mafia tried and found the card in the middle of the papers. Gordon takes it as a threat to his life and begins preparations to protect them. In the case of Judge and Commissioner Loeb, however, he rejected it. The car exploded judge when police arrived to take them into protective custody and Commissioner Loeb dies of severe poisoning from his liquor bottle before Gordon could stop drinking.

Dent takes Rachel aside to ask her to marry him, but she is torn and can not give you an answer. Bruce subdues Dent and locks him in a closet while Rachel watches in shock. Bruce tells Rachel that has come (the Joker and his henchmen) Harvey and remain hidden from view.

The Joker and his goons burst in telling guests tonight "entertainment". The Joker scans the room for Harvey Dent when Rachel steps forward. He grabs her and pulls a knife on telling a different version of the story of how her scars, claiming that her husband was marked by the moneylender and he took a razor, "to make His smile, "but left it about. Rachel kicks him away and he tells her that he is, as the "skirmish" with her, when Batman shows up and sends him reeling. A fight breaks out between Batman, Joker and his goons to beat the Joker and Batman bat pretty good. If Batman takes the cat sees the Joker holding a gun to the head of Rachel shot while hanging from a window. Batman asks him to let her go to the witty reply: "Very poor choice of words" and drops. Batman goes out the window and saves his cape to slow his fall, and crashing into the roof of a car on the road. The Joker seemed to vanish from the scene.

The next day, Wayne tries to figure out what the Joker is after. Alfred tells a story that when he and his friends try to Burma, to make local criminals by bribing with qualities anything. A thief, however, because the bribe and continued to attack the local convoys. When Bruce seems confused by this behavior Alfred informs him that some people can not reason, they do not like something special kill for sport. Alfred said that all they want to burn the world of Bruce set to face the Joker in a monitor.

Batman is on the edge of the rooftop listening to cell phone frequencies when he heard saw a conspiracy against Harvey Dent. Gordon rushes to the apartment with Ramirez and Batman to find two policemen murdered, with the name "Harvey" and "Dent". Ramirez begins to blame Batman, but Gordon cuts. As Batman took out a piece of concrete wall of balls used to kill in the hope that the evidence includes, Gordon notes that the Joker has left an advance copy of the morning newspaper, the. The death of mayor

At Wayne Enterprises, Fox meets with Wayne accountant Coleman Reese, who claimed to know about the specific problems with Wayne resources in research and development, claiming that Wayne has a sort of government project with cell phones for Army up. Fox also covers design for the Batmobile / glass. Fox says he wants to keep the $ 10 million per year for the rest of this secret in his life. Fox smiles and says. "Let me get this straight, you think that your client, one of the richest and most powerful people in the world is a planned secretly a vigilante who spends his nights beating criminals to death in his own hands, and it is to blackmail this person? good luck ".

Fox helps Wayne reconstruct the bullet taken from the murder scene and generates a fingerprint. Asks Fox if assigned by the department of research and development. Bruce acknowledges that he, alleging that makes it a "close to the chest."

Wayne Trace contact with the ball fingerprint in an apartment overlooking the funeral speeches for Commissioner Loeb and takes motorcycle.

As the ceremony continues on the street, Wayne inspects a room where he believes the Joker can be, and she finds some people tied. Wayne say has stolen their weapons and uniforms. Wayne inspects binoculars pointed out of a window blind. Scenario is connected to a timer. As the timer reaches zero, the blinds are increasing rapidly, and the police snipers positioned around the area during the entire shoot in that direction. At the same time, the Joker, who had removed his makeup, and played out as a member of the guard of honor of the ceremony, he turns around and takes a shot at the mayor, but Lt. Gordon appeared again on the road first shot and fall. Everyone panics and runs, but the police to evict a member of the honor guard in the leg and drags him into a truck. Dent self-climbing on the truck, and after checking the criminal, sees that the nameplate on his uniform reads 'Officer Rachel Dawes'. He calls Rachel and informs them that drive, and the safest place they can, Bruce attic preserved in its case. He tells her he loves her, but no response from Rachel.

Gordon visits the home of the family, to inform them about the death of Gordon at the funeral. Gordon's wife, Barbara yells at the empty sky to Batman brought this madness of Gotham. Gordon sad young child begins to catch a glimpse of the scene of Batman.

Meanwhile Batman and come to a club for the match against his people Maroni. Maroni on the Joker asks whereabouts, who claims to have prevented a higher position. Batman falls off the ledge, injuring his legs and learns that Maroni has no idea where the Joker is. Maroni explained that the Joker has no friends, and no one will, because unlike Batman, play by any rules.

Dent is interrogating captured as a known member of the honor guard of what you know about the Joker, he was angry and holding a gun to his head. Lucky silver dollar becomes his father for his life, down to the leaders. When he turns the coin shows Batman and pulls the coin, asking if Dent would really leave a thug's life randomly, meeting Dent ". Not really," Harvey It is reported that this criminal - Thomas Schiff - is a paranoid schizophrenic patient from Arkham Asylum and that he has nothing to learn from him. Harvey also says that if a person is not just the inquiry saw a man, all the good work that Dent lost Gotham done. Harvey says, hold a press conference the next day, because he wants to use the opportunity arise. As Batman leaves, Harvey yells were not looking.

Bruce returns to his apartment to find Rachel waiting. She tells him to give up the relentless fury Jokers, but Bruce says he has enough blood on their hands. He reminds them that they promised they were together as he hung up the mantle of Batman. She tells Bruce not to make her only hope of a normal life and they share a kiss. She tells Bruce that if he himself as Batman that the city does not allow them to be together.

Back to the secret base of operations Wayne Batman, he and Alfred begin destroying everything Lucius Fox or Rachel to Batman can join. Alfred tries to talk Bruce to ask you to support these difficult times and allow Batman to make the right decisions to someone else. For the sake of the city explains Bruce Batman can take responsibility for the innocents who die, not suffer, especially when it comes to Rachel.

At the press conference in Harvey assembled press and police missed the fear that the Joker has launched the right city. You agree that the Batman is a vigilante group but the people of Gotham gratitude to account, and do not express the whims of this terrorist as a wildcard. However, people are overcome with fear, crying "No more dead cop" applause indicating that Harvey was not able to, that may weigh. After his failure, Harvey announces that he is Batman, and was handcuffed and taken away. Bruce Wayne is shown with a shocked look on his face.

Rachel, watching the press conference in the attic of Bruce Wayne, Alfred face on the apparent cowardice of Bruce Harvey to take the case, if he claims to be Batman. Rachel explains Alfred Batman instead nothing more than a hero, especially a figure out of the system, people can be both and guilt in times of need that Batman can "take" for itself. Rachel gives Alfred a letter for Bruce and tells him to give it to Bruce when the time is right. When Alfred asks what it is, he says he is open and hugs him before departing for Harvey to see how it was transported to the county jail.

While in a convoy, led him to transport a circle, Harvey explains to Rachel that this is the opportunity of Batman. Then he takes the money and says, "Heads, I'm going with this," and that turn, landing on his head. When Rachel tells him he left nothing to chance, he gives her the coin, revealing it is. For a coin with two heads During this transport, you are thinking about being attacked by the Joker, Batman and planning to come to save him, and capture the Joker . To protect the start.

When transporting Harvey, the Joker and some bats begin in police cars in a big semi-truck. He pulls out an RPG and beings shooting Dent armored truck. The glass comes and tries to stop the Joker, and it's hit RPG in the process. Your vehicle will have "catastrophic" damage and was forced to eject. However, the ejection of the car is a bicycle, in front of the car. This wheel is known as "Bat-Pod". Batman chases the Joker in his bat-Pod, and after firing some cables to the truck and weave through several light poles and buildings, car lights completely. The Joker appeared in a Smith & Wesson M76 machine gun and shoots at Batman, speeding in his bat-Pod with him, all the while shouting Batman to defeat him. Batman honors his own non-lethal code and swerves around after crashes Joker truck overturned, falling to the ground. As the Joker jumping on him with a knife, one of the SWAT officer holding a gun to the back of the head, and to remove the helmet and mask, it shows that this is Lieutenant Gordon, who faked his death in order to protect his family. Joker is dragged to the MCU. Harvey out of the car and a cruiser, stating that he is seeing a concerned friend.

When Major Crimes Unit construction Gordon, Commissioner Gordon is encouraged by the mayor. The Joker sharing a cell with a man who complained of hurting her womb. Commissioner Gordon, after meeting with his family came to express a house call Harvey. Returning to the prison to ask the Joker. During the interrogation, Batman appears and starts beating on the Joker, trying to figure out where is Harvey. The Joker is placed on the skin of Batman told him. Both monsters and that when the people of Gotham Batman no longer appear as a necessity, to call him Batman is angry and put a chair under the door and kicks the Joker wild, but the Joker just laughs and says He harder Batman has nothing to do with him, hurt him, and he really enjoys the beatings. Joker is sadistic, not just Harvey, but Rachel are in separate locations, both handcuffed and strapped explosives to blow up within a short period of time. He gives the position of the two, saying only had time to save one of them, and he had to make a decision would violate "code" non-lethal way Batman ... one that can not die Batman So you can save. Batman goes, telling Gordon that, after Rachel go. Gordon gets some men ready and heads after Harvey.

As Batman and the police were rushing to the two prisoners, Harvey awakens to hear Rachel's voice. Who noticed the establishment of an intercom system, so that the two can communicate with one another. Rachel Harvey says that everything is fine, and Rachel Harvey says he wants to marry her. While trying Dent try jumping on his seat, slightly sharp to find their strings cut, he falls and hits an oil drum down, and fuel spilled across the side of the face. Meanwhile, back in jail, the Joker tricks a cop and holds him hostage, and told the other officers, he wanted his phone calls. After getting a phone and dial a number, the great man exploded into her cell. The Joker is cut into slices and triggered a mobile device is implanted in him. Joker grabs Lau and escapes from prison.

Batman arrives to confront the Joker had told him Rachel was, but when you open the door meets Harvey Dent instead, who screams in despair found instead of Rachel. Gordon is a must location for Dent but the warehouse explodes and Rachel is killed. As Batman saves Dent by her. From the warehouse, the explosion ignites the gas that saturated Dent's face, horribly burning Dent added to Gotham General Hospital. Batman visits Dent in the hospital, and makes the coin with two heads that were found at the scene of the death of Rachel. One side of the coin is still shiny, while the other side is scraped and burned.

Alfred reads Rachel letter. He explains that he was going to marry Harvey Dent and when she told him that if you do not need to be Batman that he meant it. However, he notes that it has always been Batman, so it will always be there when his friend.

Alfred Bruce expressed his devastation behind losing Rachel and that he feels responsible for inspiring madness and death. He tells Alfred that she wait for him. Alfred decided not to give his letter says that the time is not right, and he brought with Harvey Dent hospitalized, it is up to him alone to fight crime in Gotham City. Meanwhile, Harvey wakes up in the hospital with a large bandage over half of his face, finds her coin with two heads now scarred, and cries of pain from someone dear to lose.

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